Is personal air vehicle safe to travel in the city?

Air transportation is the safest and the most convenient way to travel in the modern world. As for now, it is mostly available for long-distance flights, but soon we will be able to use a personal air vehicle in urban areas.

In our previous article, we have talked about the very definition of urban air mobility. This brand-new concept is going to change the way of how human perceive air transportation in urban areas. Today, we take a closer look on safety measures of personal air vehicles. 

Personal air vehicle – the best drone for travel in the city

For now, whenever we think about air transportation, we picture a huge aircraft taking dozens of people on board. However, the concept of air travel is going to change soon, thanks to the introduction of personal air vehicles. This new type of aircraft is meant to be a new mode of transport in urban areas. Designated for on-demand air travels in cities, it is compatible with the idea of urban air mobility. 

A personal air vehicle is going to be a complete different from traditional airplanes. Due to its intended character, it will remind more a drone than a conventional aircraft. To fit the specific landscape of urban areas and become the best drone for travel in the city, such vehicle needs to be small, quiet and reliable. However, probably the most concerning issue for many people is the safety of flight.

Automated air transportation

In air transportation, there is no place for any mistakes. Even the smallest flaws might lead to a catastrophic disaster. In traditional flights, pilots are responsible for lives of dozens of people. Their job is to fly passengers safely to the destination. In the case of personal air vehicles, any inaccuracy in the flight trajectory may cause a chaos in a city. After all, we don’t want any aircraft crashing into a building. 

That’s why personal air vehicles are not going to by flying cars from the vision of science fiction movies and comic books. Driving a roadable aerial vehicle in urban landscape would be difficult even for the most experienced pilots. That is why urban air mobility aims to use the unmanned aerial aircraft to ensure the safety of both people inside the vehicle and the surrounding. The whole flight will be completely automated to reduce the risk of a potential mistake in the city air transportation.  

A safer city with an urban air mobility

Personal air vehicles are not only the best drones to travel. They are also a potential solution to make cities more sustainable and safer for local people. Today, urban reality is marked with traffic jams, road accidents and other unpleasant effects of car-oriented travel. By taking some part of the urban traffic up to the sky, we will be able to make our cities less crowded and safer.  

Of course, air transportation still needs to be properly adjusted to be a functional alternative as a city mode of transport. The urban air mobility industry still works on adjusting new technologies to make personal air vehicles the safest way to travel in cities. However, the most important goal on the road to introduce air transportation into the urban landscape is to earn people trust and convenience them to this new way of traveling.  

It might seem to be a great challenge to do so. The idea of urban air mobility still looks like science function concept for many of us. But some recent breakthroughs in this industry, alongside with an innovative approach of various brands and companies, shows that “flying cars” are closer than ever. Follow our blog to find out about them!

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