The groundbreaking drone technology of Urban Air Mobility

Expectations toward urban air mobility vehicles are high. VTOL aircraft and personal air vehicles need to be safe and effective. That’s why the UAM industry relies on the best achievements of modern science and drone technology.

Last week, we talked about various companies investing in the development of the urban air mobility industry. Today, we are going to take a closer look at technological challenges needed to be passed to make the dream of UAM come true.

Technological challenges of urban air mobility vehicles

Constructing a functional vehicle capable for urban air mobility services is not an easy task. The aircraft designed for travel in the city landscape needs to fulfill plenty of requirements. The most important one is safety. Urban air mobility vehicles should provide reliable and secure construction, not only for passengers, but also for the surrounding. 

Moreover, such vehicles must be well fitted into the city landscape. As a replacement of traditional urban transportation, UAM vehicles need to be more comfortable than cars or buses. They should be dependable and easily available for everyone. Only that way, UAM will provide passengers with a solid and stable mode of transportation. Finally, urban air mobility vehicles like VTOL aircraft need to rely on a sustainable source of energy. 

How drone technologies can help UAM? 

Fulfilling the above requirements needs a lot of research and field tests of new vehicles. Thankfully, the UAM industry can rely on the achievements of drone technology. Inspirations drawn from the drone market can boost the development of urban air mobility vehicles.

Over the years, drones became lighter, quieter and more energy efficient. Drone technology came a long way from loud and clumsy devices to the current state of high-end remote aircraft. Such a breakthrough was able to achieve thanks to the utilization of light materials. That is why proper components are key to make urban air mobility vehicles a reliable mode of transport safe for the city landscape.

VTOL aircraft – next level of drone technology

As for today, urban air mobility vehicles still seem like a science fiction concept. However, not so long ago, drone technologies were perceived that way too. Few years ago, only scientists and military services were using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Today, drones are a common sight in our society. From moviemakers using them to catch a perfect shoot, to private enthusiasts of drone racing — drone technology became a natural part of our society.

Soon, such a shift may happen to urban air mobility vehicles. Many concepts in the UAM industry draw from military researchers. The best example is VTOL aircraft, which translates for “vertical take-off and landing” vehicle. This idea eliminates a need for space in the procedure of take-off and landing which makes it a perfect solution for urban air mobility vehicles.

Most of the UAM companies plan to utilize the idea of VTOL aircraft in the construction of personal air vehicles. With the aid of drone technology solutions, urban air mobility vehicles will soon become the most advanced mode of transport in the urban landscape.

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