7 ways how UAM will change city landscape

Air transportation solutions provided by the UAM industry are the key for making our cities better places to life. How exactly flying vehicles are going to change the city landscape?

Modern cities struggle with various issues resulting from their nature. Constantly growing number of cars leads to some severe problems. Annoying traffic jams, car accidents and air pollution can be avoided with UAM technologies. Are they going to be a standard solution for urban travels?

UAM – a new hope for modern cities

Today, over half of the people on Earth live in the urban areas. According to the UN, this number is going to grow up to 68% of the world’s population by 2050. Cities became our natural habitat. There are the centers of our economic and cultural lives. Through decades, our civilization has been working on making them the most suitable places for our kind. 

Despite that, today’s cities still struggle with some problems. One of the most important challenges is to provide a reliable mode of transport for the constantly growing population. Old vehicles, like cars or buses, cause some undesirable problems and are not efficient for modern cities. The best candidate to replace them is the UAM industry, capable of providing air transportation for urban areas. 

How will air transportation change the city landscape?

The idea of urban air mobility is an entirely new concept of air transportation. We still need some time before UAM becomes a standard in our cities. However, we may easily predict how flying vehicles will influence the urban environment. Here you have seven predicted consequences of the introduction of UAM solutions:

  • Limiting the number of cars in the cities in favor of unmanned on-demand flying vehicles 
  • Reduction of pollutions caused by car traffic 
  • Lowering the number of car accidents 
  • Raising the safety of pedestrian traffic  
  • Economic boost caused by the emergence of a new UAM industry 
  • Replacing traditional urban modes of transport with more efficient air transportation 
  • Reduction of noises caused by a traditional transport

Will flying vehicles replace private cars?

As you can see, urban air mobility is going to make the modern city a better place to live. But does the implementation of UAM mean that traditional cars are no longer needed? After all, we are aiming to replace them with a much more reliable air transportation. Does the city full of flying vehicles still have some place for a more “grounded” mode of transportation?

Of course, moving from cars to flying vehicles will take some time. As for now, UAM aircraft are still mostly prototypes. It gives people plenty of time to change their habits. And even with air transportation available in cities, there are still plenty of situations where traditional cars will be needed. Enthusiasts of traditional transport may rest easy, ensuring that they won’t be deprived of their favorite vehicles.

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