How commercial and military drones contributed to the UAM?

Drone industry is a source of inspiration for urban air mobility development. Solutions drawn from commercial or military drones help to make UAM vehicles more reliable and functional.

To develop the best possible vehicles, urban air mobility designers need to draw inspirations from all branches of aviation industry. Last time we talked about the connections between the UAM and helicopters. Today, we take a look on the commercial and military drones.

Groundbreaking technology of military drones  

Various modern technologies have their origins in experimental military research. From space rockets to computers, many essential achievements of our civilizations began in the military. Drones have also begun their career there. The work of the US Army on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) contributed to the development of the common drone industry.

Because of the nature of their tasks, military drones have always needed to be the pinnacle of modern technology. Those vehicles have to operate in various, challenging conditions. It is a perfect test for the technology used in military drones production. Experience gained in that field can be extremely useful in the further development of the urban air mobility vehicles

Commercial drones – an example of safe urban vehicle 

However, military drones are not the only part of the drone industry which influence the UAM development. Urban air mobility companies can draw a lot of inspiration from modern commercial drones. Today, they are the most popular type of unmanned aerial vehicle. People use commercial drones in various situation. But why they are so important for UAM development?

In many cases, commercial drones have to operate in the city areas. To create a suitable aircraft for this environment, drone industry designers need to take various conditions into consideration. Thanks to their research, these vehicles are safe for the surrounding. Commercial drones should also be quiet and finally, they have to be energy efficient.

Inspirational example of military drones 

Both commercial and military drones are perfect source of useful information for urban air mobility designers. First can help to develop a vehicle capable of operating in urban areas. After all, UAM aircraft need to be as safe as commercial drones seen in our cities. On the other hand, all important detail provided by military drone researches may help to create a versatile aircraft.

The drone industry is a perfect inspiration for the UAM for one more reason. It proves how quickly people can adapt to new technologies. Few years ago, drones seemed to be a prototype vehicle straight from science fiction movies. They were far too expensive, or even unobtainable for common people. Today drones are integral part of our lives. It is a proof that urban air mobility vehicles may become common thing sooner than we can expect.

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