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Urban Air Mobility – What do you need to know?

Have you ever dreamed about taking off to the sky instead of being stuck in the traffic jam? Urban air mobility is an innovative concept of air transportation which will make your dreams come true.  

In the modern world, air transportation is the most efficient way to travel. Currently, traditional airplanes remain the first choice for people who want to travel by air. However, the situation is going to change soon, thanks to the introduction of urban air mobility (UAM). What is it and how exactly will it influence the way people travel?   

Limitations of traditional air transportation

Before we move to urban air mobility itself, it is worth analyzing the current state of air transportation. Currently, most people traveling by plane must rely on airplanes. Despite being an irreplaceable element of our civilization, they have some noticeable flaws.  

The most notable problem with traditional air transportation lies in versatility. Main vehicles used for transporting passengers are airliners. Those airplanes are designed to carry a large number of people. Although airliners are extremely efficient way to travel for long distances, they need airports for the landing procedure.   

Another problem of air transportation is logistics. Airliners need an enormous amount of aviation fuel to take off to the sky. It makes air traveling the most expensive way to transport passengers. The environmental consequences of an intense air traffic are also an important factor. 

Urban air mobility – elegant transport for a more civilized age

While traditional air transportation is excellent for long-distance travels, urban air mobility’s goal is to make flying more suitable for a lower scale. UAM is utilizing technological progress to provide ground-breaking solutions for air travel. Vehicles designed that way are going to be lighter, safer and more precise, what will make them a perfect choice for urban landscape. 

It is worth to note that the idea of urban air mobility isn’t exactly new. Smaller and more versatile vehicles, like helicopters or light aircraft, are already in use as a more comprehensive way to travel by air. Unfortunately, such solutions are still rare and expensive. Because of those reasons, only a small percent of people can afford to travel that way. However, the versatility of helicopters and undeniable grace of private airplanes has contributed to the development of modern urban air mobility.  

Drone transport for urban areas

The main difference between UAM and traditional air transportation is the emphasis on making air travel suitable for urban areas. That’s why urban air mobility puts a high value on sustainable city development. Using drone transport to carry passengers creates plenty of opportunities. Implemented properly, it will decrease traffic and make urban environment safer than ever.  

Urban air mobility market is still growing, and new ideas are being introduced every year. Most of them focus on utilizing drone transport. It is the most convenient way to develop personal air vehicles suitable for carrying passengers in urban areas. Other implementations use traditional helicopters, to offer air taxi services.  

Urban air mobility designers are constantly looking for new ways to take city life up to the sky. Follow UAM blog to learn more about drone transport, personal air vehicles and other new developments in this fascinating industry!